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ET STARTER PRO - Enemy Territory

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ET Starter Pro (ETSPRO) is an external third party utility for

Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory gamers. It was designed to make their lives a little bit easier.




* Integrated patch selector - no more .bat files or multiple icons

* Lets you manage a list of favourite servers, together with game

version and private slot passwort (optional) and connect with

one mouseclick

* Built in server query tool, displays server information as well

as a player list of the actual server

* Built in serverbrowser for all 3 ET versions (2.55, 2.56, 2.60)

that lets you add your favourites easily or join a server directly

* Lets you automatically start ET Minimizer when starting ET

* Lets you automatically connect to a teamspeak server when starting ET

* Lets you automatically delete your etkey file when starting ET, to

avoid common Punkbuster errors

* Lets you automatically start a user defined application together with ET

* Lets you automatically terminate user defined applications when

starting ET (for example MSN Messenger, Trillian, etc.)

* Takes etspro:// links from websites to directly join servers from

any browser (Syntax: "etspro://server=iport&version=version")

* Lets you import and export your configuration to backup server list

and settings




It is recommended to backup your ET installation before installing ETSPRO.

Then simply double-click the file ETStarterPro.msi and follow the instructions

given by the installation assistant. If you start ET Starter Pro for the first

time, you will be asked to fill in the Path to your game executable "ET.exe".

You must provide this information or otherwise ET Starter Pro will not work.

All other configuration options are optional.





Before uninstalling, fire up ET Starter Pro one last time and patch your ET

installation to the game version you want to be running. Then simply go to

the start menu entry of ET Starter Pro and select "Uninstall ET Starter Pro".





P.S I did not make this program, and do not claim i did.. I got this info off a website, and copied and pasted most of it..




I replaced the link with the newer version. JoeDirt

Edited by Fearless Staff

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Isn't there a newer version going around? The links are for v0.8 while I have v0.95 (there are even newer versions most likely).

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