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ET Server ETL League now open!

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I just want to announce the reopening of ETL (Evil Territory League). Some of you may be familiar with *evil* clan, please do not confuse *evil* clan with ETL. Although *evil* clan has played a major part in starting ETL, they do not, however, run the league. In January of 2009 ETL shut down operations and joined a larger league for online gamers in the hopes of running ET competition under the XPL (Xtreme Players League) name. After waiting 4 months with no progress we left XPL and have reopened ETL for season 4. Our doors Officially opened on April 11, 2009 for team registrations. We are running 3-3 and 6-6 competitions. All matches will be held on North American ETPro 3.2.6 servers on 2.60b. Teams will be allowed to use their own servers for matches as long as the server meets the leagues requirements for competition.


Current map list for ETL Season4:


  • [*:gdhmlj5i]adlernest


For further information please go to: http://evilterritory.com

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saw the other day it was your birthday! congrats :D


thanks for the news! Best of luck for this season tournment! :hi

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Just a small update with ETL. We are now offering two divisions for competitive play, NA and EU or North American and European. Both divisions will offer 3-3 and 6-6 as of right now. We may add a 3-3 beginners division depending on the number of registered teams. With a NA and EU division this will allow us to compete with both European and American leagues such as ClanBase and STA and allow players more opportunity for competitive game play on a professional level.

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I'll be there playing with the team Not Impressed. Its pretty much all evil players :twisted: .


Hope to see you all there. :hi



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