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How to get Help / Contact Administration / Client Area

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on the =F|A= clan forums there are essentially two ways of contacting the leaders/management. In order to decide which way to use, this tutorial will explain in detail the different functions of each method.

  • The "Contact"-button on top of the forums.
  • The "Support"-section in your client area.



The Contact Form:


The contact form can be used for most issues that are not explained on the forum, or in case you have personal problems with a member, or something else. You don't need to be a clanmember to use it. Anyone can contact the administrators, if he has an issue. However, the contact form is not to be used for complains about content of posts/topics. When filling out the contact form, you can choose from eight different categories:

  • Promotions
  • Admin Abuse
  • Donations
  • Ban Appeals
  • General Server or Forum Issues
  • Server Hosting
  • VIP Memberships
  • Contact Management

If a member feels like he should be promoted, he can use the contact form and elaborate on why he deserves promotion. For further information on what is expected from members in order to be promoted to a higher level/admin, can be read n this page of the



Admin Abuse:

First of all, Admin Abuse can be reported in the official

complain section of the forum, if you have proof. There you will find an own section, dealing with admin abuse. However, if you feel like you need to contact the management in case of a sensible matter concerning admin abuse, you can always use this contact form.



Please use this category, if you have general questions concerning donations, such as:

  • How to donate?
  • Where to donate?
  • etc.
Please do not use this contact form, if you meet any problems with donations that are underway or paid. In that case, you should use the support section of your client are, which is explained farther down in this tutorial.


Ban Appeals:

If you have been banned from the clan servers due to cheating and you want to repent for your mistakes, or if you think that there must be a misunderstanding and you've been mistakenly banned, then you can use the general

unban section of our forums. This form can be used, if you feel uneasy about making a public unban request. Once you make a ban appeal, admins will review your case and decide whether the ban was justified and stays, or if there was a mistake.


General Server of Forum issues:

Sometimes general problems (account problems i.e.) or questions arise. Use this form to get an answer, if the forum topics don't help.


Server Hosting:

Use this category if you rented servers from =F|A= and have any questions. The administrators will get back to you as fast as possible.



You can use this form if you have any questions concerning the VIP Membership, its benefits, how to purchase it, etc.

If you encounter problems with your ordered VIP-Membership other than payment issues, use this form. Again, for payment issues you should use the support section in your client area explained farther down.


Contact Management:

If none of the categories above describe your problem, then contact the management directly by using this form.



The Support Section:


The support section exists in order for you to be able to file request in case you encounter any problems with financial transactions for donations or purchases made. You will find the Support Section in your Client Area which you can access by clicking on your forum name on the top right corner, next to the "sign out" button. Once there, you can create a "New Support Request". In order to file the request in the correct section, you can choose from four categories:

  • Sales Support
  • Billing Support
  • VIP Membership Support
  • Other
Apart from the category, you can decide the severity of your case:
  • Normal
  • Medium
  • Critical
Describe your problem and provide as much information as possible. That way management can help faster or more efficient.



Client Area:


The Client Area itself allows you to manage your purchases, billing information, etc. :

  • Overview
  • Purchases
  • Invoices
  • Support
  • Alternate Contacts
  • Donations
  • Referrals
  • Billing Information

Here you will found your purchases such as an ongoing VIP Membership for example.



Review your invoices, which are either pending, paid, expired or cancelled.


Alternate Contacts:

Alternate contacts allow other users to contact support and pay invoices on your behalf.



Shows you the current donation bar and how much is missing. You can also donate here.



Here you will find banners to implement on your own website to advertise for =F|A= game server hosting.


Billing Information:

Your Billing information for transactions.

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