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How to use DDU

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Most issues preventing you from starting games, causing crashes, or causing low frame rates/lag after updating Windows are related to your graphics drivers. DDU is the only utility I trust to completely uninstall your old drivers so you can install a clean and updated copy.


Step 1. Download fresh, updated copies of your graphics drivers:

-Use dxdiag if you’re unsure what graphics card you have. You can launch it by typing "dxdiag" in your Start Menu, and clicking on the sole program that pops up. You’ll see your card under the “Display” tab.


-Download the drivers from AMD, Intel, or nVidia directly- don’t use manufacturer’s drivers that come on a CD, or from EVGA, MSi, Sapphire, Zotac, etc.

(I recommend manually searching for the drivers using the dropdown boxes rather than using the automated tool. It’s unnecessary software.)


Links for drivers below:

AMD: https://support.amd.com -> “Find your driver”

Intel: https://downloadcenter.intel.com/product/80939/Graphics-Drivers

Nvidia: https://www.geforce.com/drivers

Download the latest stable driver and save it to your Desktop for easy access.


Step 2. Downloading DDU:

-Go to the Wagnardsoft homepage.

-Under the software headline, you’ll see the latest version of DDU as an announcement, such as “DDU version xxx released!” Click on the latest one.


-Scroll down the changelog until you see “Click here for Download & Support”, click on that link.


-Scroll down the post until you see “Official Download Here”, and click on that link.


-Save the file on your Desktop for easy access.


Step 3. Unpacking DDU:

-The executable that’s downloaded is a self-extracting archive, not the program itself. You’ll need to unpack it first in order to run it. (see step below)

-Run “DDU v.xxx”, you’ll be presented with a window asking you where you want to extract it. It defaults to wherever you saved the file. I suggest extracting it either to the root of your drive, or on your Desktop, such as “C:\DDU” or “C:\Users\%username%\Desktop\DDU.

-(Note: make sure to add \DDU to the path, otherwise it will place all the files in the root of your drive, on your desktop, etc. Basically make a mess)



Step 4. Starting DDU:

-Navigate to the DDU folder where you unpacked the program (In example below, C:\DDU).


-Run “Display Driver Uninstaller”, and click “Yes” on any UAC prompts.

-You’ll get a Launch Options dialog. Click on the Dropdown menu and select “Safe Mode (Recommended)” Also- read the note in red! You must know your password!


-Press Reboot to Safe Mode (NOTE: If your computer will not start in Safe Mode, read extras below)

-Once your computer boots into Safe Mode and you log in, DDU will start automatically.


Step 5. Running DDU:

- Once your computer reboots into Safe Mode, DDU will auto-start.

-Your graphics card manufacturer should be automatically detected. If not, use the information you retrieved from DXDiag to set the correct driver to remove.


-Click on "Clean and Restart"


Step 6. Installing Graphics Drivers:

-Either before or once your computer has rebooted, make sure you are disconnected from the Internet. (Unplug ethernet cable, or disconnect from Wireless)*

-Launch the graphics driver installer that you downloaded to your desktop, and follow the prompts.

-Reboot your computer once the installer has finished

-Have fun gaming!



-If your computer will not boot into Safe Mode, restart it normally if and/or once Startup Repair does it's thing. If "Startup Options" appears, use your keyboard to select "Start Windows Normally", and press Enter.

Once it restarts normally, run DDU, and use the "Normal" launch mode. Choose "Clean and Restart". Once restarted, run DDU again (with internet disconnected); clean and restart again. Now install your graphics drivers.

-Why disconnect from the internet? The reason is because Windows Update will automatically install drivers. The drivers provided by Windows Update are often half-baked versions of the full drivers. You may run into the same exact problem, or experience poor performance if you use the drivers Windows installs.

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