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PBPrior - Enemy Territory Software

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File Name: PBPrior

File Submitter: kajto3

File Submitted: 01 Feb 2018

File Category: Software


PBPrior is a tiny application used for setting processes' priority and CPU affinity (binding a process to specific CPU). I'm not the creator of this but I thought it would be good to share this useful tool since I can't imagine playing without it.


Why use a separate application instead of manually set priority/affinity?


Well, it always remembers your settings for all processes you set (there are 3 set by default: et.exe, pnkbstra.exe and pnkbstrb.exe) so you don't have to mess with the settings every time you start ET. It runs in the background and uses tiny resources. It's easy to use, friendly interface.


The app doesn't require installation and should work on all Windows systems (tested on Windows 7 and 10).


How to use it?


If you have a CPU with more than 1 core then you can mess with affinity. Otherwise you can just tweak priority. It's usually said that ET works best on a single core.


1. Run PBPrior as administrator. Start from tweaking PB processes. Doubleclick on pnkbstra.exe, in Priority tab tick "Priority" then "Low". In CPU Affinity choose and tick one of the CPUs (and remember it). Do the same with pnkbstrb,exe, but choose a different CPU. Now do the same with et.exe, but set priority to "Hight" and again choose a different CPU. If you're using ETLegacy or some different ET client (with different process name) you can always add a new process. Go back to main window, click on white page button and open dropdown menu. Now choose the desired process (run ETLegacy and minimize).
2. Run ET.


Sometimes you can notice that CPU Affinity tab is all messed up, all CPU active ticked unticked etc. Just remember to have it set correctly on the beginning, when there are the first CPUs active (the number that you actually have).


I know setting up sounds quite tricky, but believe me, if you set this right, you'll be happy of your stable high fps more than ever.


Click here to download this file

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Thanks for the info.


From personal experience I gave up tinkering with those settings after moving to win8.1 as it manages CPU resources better than win7 and before that.

Though with pre-win8.1 it seemed to matter and it´s worth a shot with CPU-s with low frequency.

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