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Has anyone had issues with the Realistic Sound Mod recently? I get a bunch of static and beeping, despite having cleared the cache (as per the workshop page suggestion) Had to uninstall it, which is unfortunate as it's bloody fantastic when it works.

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The "Heer Ausführung" looks amazing to me it adds gas masks, improves the camouflage and much more! it makes the german's look like "elite soldiers



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Here are some workshop items you guys might enjoy. 

(This is definitely useful since the default airborne soldier's color is green which increases the chance of friendly fire and makes the AI blend in with the grass when you play entrenchment in Brittany or Salerno ) 



(If you like a background when you are selecting your load out options especially or give that illusion that you are gearing up at the locker this is for you) 

(A little something to make your menu look more appealing) 

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As restrictive as my Internet is, I've been able to try out one of the Workshop maps, in this case Monte Cassino.


I think this would make a great addition to an event or something planned on the DOI servers.



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