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It works better for everyone when your playing with 1-2-3 people and it will eliminate the random spawning while your manuevering the map. 

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Insurgency - New World


We are releasing a small patch for Insurgency today that addresses a recently discovered Source engine exploit as well as an issue with bot spawning. Coop modes will now properly scale with multiple players.

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Here my reply to the question from yesterday in the original post: https://fearless-assassins.com/topic/89075-fa-insurgency-changes/page-2?p=774126&do=findComment&comment=774126

in case you have not seen it yet.


(If we can, lets stay in the topic, especially when questions get handled there already. I want to ensure to not lose any good information because answers are spread out over multiple topics.)




I will add Survival to the list. The game modes come with the maps. Can you get us a couple of maps which you would like with survival? This way we can add them. One addition, it helps us a lot if you can post the workshop link like:



as there are sometimes mane alphas, betas and other versions of the map.


Thanks for the feedback

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