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milli vanilli

Feild ops 99-the remedial course - Enemy Territory

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its not 101 cause its not an intro, its remedial cause you don't know its uses. I bet you've been playing it wrong and just trying to get sprees from afar. Or cause you spray and pray and need the extra ammo.



People, even a decent fops will dramatically improve your team. Often a good fops will provide ammo for the mortar thats got a choke point zeroed in and doesn't want to move to find ammo. Or that medic/engy combo defending a bridge or tunnel who needs nades. Or he knows jsut where to but his arty to force the team into a smaller choke point.


Lecture 1- Ammo


First things first, you should be the first one out of the spawn, and be throwing ammo packs for everyone behind you. Keep moving and keep 'em coming. Look at your mini map and look and see how many people are behind you. Throw 2 more packs then there are people. This comes in handy, especially for the medics and soldiers behind you(secondary SMG for soldiers, main SMG for medics) and the fact that YOU provide them with more ammo will save them and your team in the long run.


Always be on the lookout/listen for "I need ammo" you don't always have to go running right away, most people who call are smart enough to leave themselves some before they run out. You'll get favored treatment from medics when you give them ammo and you die.


Don't be afraid to tap-out either rather than waiting for the medic. If your teammates are around when you die, tap out to give them ammo rather than sitting there pounding v21. You can always respawn and help out somewhere else on the map while still giving those teamates the ammo from your dead and bloated body.


Lecture 2- Airstrikes


Airstrikes are your best option for disabling vehicles and causing people to pause. That colored smoke and the sound of the planes will make the enemy pause for even a few seconds while you pound the ground. Just because you don't kill anyone doesn't mean its a bad strike. if you put it on the right spot, and you can set one nasty ambush when they go around the other way into a minefield or a waiting panzer.


Learn which angle the bombs will be dropped, too. Often you can drop the smoke around a corner, or throw it on a roof where they won't see the smoke and you kill a few sitting around a corner. Rule of thumb, bombs will go from your left to right if you throw a strike and stare straight ahead.


Lecture 3- Milli's guide to arty whoring


Bwahahahaha. Ask anyone on pub. Arty is a HUGE pain to deal with. Honestly, if you can't get over 65% accuracy on a 20 min map with arty, you need some work. My personal best so far has been somewhere in the upper 30's on JUST arty kills. Its all about knowing the maps and what paths the enemy will take most often. For example, you can force people to take a smaller and harder route(one which your team can make a killing ground) by placing your arty on the right spot.


Its also a lot about timing. Most of our maps you can use arty every 45 or 60 seconds. The gap between your arty can be crucial. Pay attention to how often you're using arty. Use it too often on the same place, and the enemy will jsut have it timed to when you're SOL. Unless you're on a map like fuel dump as an axis, your arty shouldn't always be flying. However, when the tank blows the hole in the wall, keep arty on it constantly. You can hold that wall gap by yourself if you have that thing under constant fire and you pick off the few that make it through.


Also use arty on gaps like oasis to force the allies to use the tunnel. Or brauendorf, use it first on the path to the left to give them pause. When they take the factory, ignore the front gate and head to the side. You cna and will hold that by yourself, even if they spawn at the CP. Let it rain in that gap and pick them off coming down the stairs.


As allies the arty is the best way to break a spawnkilling party. If you're getting slaughtered on a map like oasis, put arty right on the wall and watching the axis crumble. Your team will have enough time to slip a few people by and make the axis honor their spawn/the guns and won't be able to focus on the allied spawn.



And don't forget, play against me and you will be able to blame it on the (metal) rain when i kill you tongue.gif

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