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Broken links or missing files and screenshots

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Hello everybody :hi


I just canceled few days ago my old site, I was using it to host my files (maps or setups) and screenshots... so you gonna see a lot of missing images or broken links on my old topics or posts... it's normal don't worry, cuz I didn't update them all, I just started by the few important one like main menu v2 or maps and later I'll finish updating my links


I already moved all files I had on a old ftp, it's free 10GB I still have from my internet provider but with limited traffic


if you're looking or gonna look for links or screen i posted but didn't update it yet!! please report to me here and i'll update it for you


my others topics or posts i'll have to look inside them one by one and update links when i have time.



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Upload images on our website FTP, so it will cause less DNS look up. :)


FTP pass sended.

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