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Ol Smoke

I hate this....god how I hate these people

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1.  You are in a store, shopping, and here she comes out of a corner aisle , with her buggy, and plows into everybody.  Why?


Because she is looking back into the aisle she is leaving and still pushing that damn buggy forward into the busy aisle.


2.  In a store, busy day, and here is a group of people who decide that right in the middle of the busy aisle, they are going to have

a meeting.  And they see all the trouble they are causing, but still are so stupid that they cant take this to another aisle.


3. Everybody is going one way down this aisle, and of course, here comes stupid, going the wrong way.  And then stops to gawk at

a display in the middle of the aisle.  Why can't we have open season on these people?


4. Sitting in the parking lot, waiting for wife, when a car pulls in front of me and parks in a handicapped place.  Three young women

get out of car, and laugh and walk into the store.  A few minutes later, here is a wheelchair van looking for a place to park.  You guessed it.

Those girls are in a wheelchair only space.  So I call the Police and talk to them.  Within 10 minutes, here are the Police.  They check

the tags, and the display card.  Next thing I know...a tow truck is here and it hooks up and tows their car.  So my wife comes back and I tell

her we have to wait.  In about 30 minutes here come the girls. All talkative and kidding each other.  Then they see it.  Car is gone!!!

They are now in a tizzy and boy are they mad.  Then the police car pulls up.  The one girl runs to tell the cop that her car is stolen.  Then...

she gets the bad news.  What I could hear was this.  The parking tag was not hers.  It is not a Wheelchair tag.  And the ticket is going to

be...wait for it...................................$1500. 


Ah sweet justice.



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Happening on a different path but it has been puzzling me too:


1. Bikers riding on car road, when there´s totally empty road for bikes just besides the road. And on busy hours cars have to drive behind the one lonely slow biker doing max 20km\h on 50km\h zone.

2. People walking in middle of the 3m wide road, or even better 3 people walking beside each other, even if it´s meant for bikes also. You know bicycles are going much faster, so pull to the one side or at least check your back once in a while. But nope, there´s no common sense.


But Smoke you were a man on a mission, waiting 30min to see chicas reaction:P

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