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Leave of absence

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good luck ginger, and may god help you. hope to see you again!

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You have made a life altering decision that you will reap rewards from for the rest of your life. Service to your country in any MOS is a dedication that is hard to surpass. You will meet and make many friends and memories. Good Luck, head down, eyes and ears open....come back safely


Semper Fi

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This will be the best / stupidest / most wonderful decsion I have made my whole life. The respect of many and all the chances I have available to me make the torment and hell I will survive each day worth it. maybe when I get time to leave I can pull a FA visitation :yahoo I'll be all over the world, and who knows how close to any of you I actually will be, Its kinda funny to think I could be located right down the street from someone. :hi


Again, thank you all for the support, with 4 July around the corner I will be headed to MEPS on Wednesday of next week to get my deploy date. I will post when I know I'm leaving.


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I have the final information on this for all who care =D


The next 2 days, 12 July and 13 July I will be at MEPS for processing and taking my oath to become a Future Soldier.

MOS: 92 Bravo- Artillery Mechanic

Basic Training deploy date: 28 November 2010

Graduation date: 16 June 2011

First deployement date: 2 July 2011.



Thats all the information i'm obligated to release without violating the UCMJ (uniform code of military justice). What all this means is I have about 5 months of preperation and game time before I start my first 3 year 3 month contract with the Army. I will be as active as I can be for the next couple months, and when I leave it will most likely be 18 months before I'm back to my hometown and have time to get online or even log in-game again.


Question for Admin:

I understand the rule that noone is to log into my accouint, but I am requesting permission that one close family member be allowed to have access to this account for the purpose of updating everyone of my current information and adventures along the way. As for ingame, that would just be silly since noone has the ability or knowledge of the game lol. Let me know.


Till then, happy fragging. Remember that loyalty and integrity make a person with honor. A person with honor is fighting for your right to be who you are each day, So dont make it a waste of their time for sacrificing for you!!! :yahoo


In reguards,

PFC420 :thanks

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Best of luck man. You may get your ass kicked in the beginning, but you'll be all that much better for it.


Plus just imagine some of the places you'll get to see. Who knows...you might be the first Irishman that loves Afghanistan.

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