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Having a problem with setting up mouse buttons in JAYMOD ?


Hi all..


i had a problem, i cudnt assign my mouse button 4 using th controls screen in both jaymod servers. i also heard that the same problem is faced by some other players as well.


well the simple solution is to add it in your config file.


for example

it never allowd me to set up my alt. fire so i used


bind MOUSE4 "weapalt"


and hurah ! it works. so please dont make this a reason to leave our new jaymod. :D


wow im in love with it. we need more people on it.


please buzz me if you need any help. i am not an expert but sure will do my best to help :thanks

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Hey Lancer! I got my jmod stuff figured out (thanks Dare) so if you want to play in the HC server hit me up on Xfire. :D

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