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Oil spit from exhaust (NEED ADVICE/OPINIONS)

- - - - - oil from exhaust

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My car is a 2017 Subaru WRX. 2 liter turbo.


It was stuck in the snow and I had someone drive it so I could push.


The person gunned it and bounced it off the rev limiter multiple times instead of just rocking it.


After 6-7 times the exhaust shot out a good amount of oil, coating the exhaust pipes, and my girlfriends pants.


The person did it again after the car was finally free and it shot out a smaller amount of oil.


My car is my baby, and I want to make sure I don't have issues down the line.


The car wasn't completely warmed up. (It was about 24F/-4C out.)


Is this something I should be concerned about? Could something have possibly broke?


Any opinions would be extremely appreciated.




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If you're sure it's oil and not gas it could be a few things, none of which are good. Hopefully it's just your turbo. I'd start there since they're cheap and easy to rebuild. You could have also damaged something in the valve train or pistons. If you can afford a WRX then you can afford to have it looked at. :P. Get it checked out before it gets expensive.



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How does it run now..could just have been extreme cankcrase pressure..pushing oil out..i would check oil and run it slowly eyeing exhaust,sound and gages..my be ok now



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because the vehicle wasn't warmed up as you mentioned, there is sometimes an excessive build up of condensation/moisture. its not clean like water and its a natural by-product of combustion. The black is probably carbon build up, looking like oil which you get if the car is running rich. when you high rev the engine as you did, it cleans and burns the residue. check your air filter, MAF, and 02 sens as well.



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I wonder if it would smell differently than plain oil?  There is probably a tiny amount of oil in the exhaust of a well-working engine, anyway.



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If you have a 2017 Subaru WRX that means you should have manufacture warranty so why not take it back to Subaru?  I think that is your safest bet and if there is something wrong it should be covered under the warranty,



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Lesson of the day:  Make the other person push instead!

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