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How to use the Patch Selector. - Enemy Territory

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Hey guys,


To download the patch selector, click here : http://fearless-assa...patch-selector/




****UPDATE**** ~~~ New Version ~~~ : Click Here to download.






- Download the patch selector from the link provided above.

- Place the .zip file in your Wolf : ET folder

- Right-click on the file and select EXTRACT HERE.

- Once the extraction has taken place. You should have a new folder called Headshotclanpatchselector.exe (or something like that :P)



How To USE


Done. Now run the .exe file as Adminstrator. A window should open looking like the Main Menu from Wolf:ET (IMAGE 1) except it has a bunch of different buttons which should be pretty self-explanatory but for those dumb noobs who still don't know how to use it, I will show you. :P


There is a "How to use it" button there that you can select for a little more information about how to use the program. (IMAGE 2)

But for those few who are too lazy to mess around and click on that, I'll simply state what you have to do right here, right now.


Simply, click on the version of ET (IMAGE 3) you wish to run and wait for a confirmation box to appear. Once it appears, it should tell you that ET has been patched to the version you selected. Viola, you're good to go! :)





1. ETkey Generator.

2. PB Update.


As can be seen in IMAGE 1.



Enjoy the program, any issues, just PM me here : http://fearless-assa...3104-cheepheep/


Thanks for reading!


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