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read a Video..

- - - - - screenshot

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Hi all,..


I didn't know about that recently...but someone give me this hint that I would like to share.


When recording a video....the extension of the file is *.dm.82


so this file can't be read to normal video player..like VLC or Media Player etc...

cause in fact these kind of file are crypted files who contain coordinates points allowing ET to use it and run.

that is why they are few kb only.


So to open these files..you can open ET and at the MAIN menu....select REPLAYS button.


All dm.82 file must be in your ET installation folder under 

...(ET installation folder)\silent\demos\*.dm.82


I've bind F10 key to record...by changing the etconfig.cfg file in my ET installation folder.


bind F10 "autorecord" or you can do it via the ET menus...




I hope this will be useful for someone. :)


cheers xx

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Are you running the 2.55 version of ET? dm_82 is the general extension for any demos recorded with that version. For the later versions 2.6/2.6b, the common file extension name is dm_84. So I recommend updating to 2.6b because if I recall correctly those running 2.6b eont be able to view demos with extension dm_82? My memory is a little hazy here. I've forgotten a lot of things after my 2year break. I know for certain you wont be able to view dm84s with 2.55 version of ET though which may be a bit of hassle when trying to play demos uploaded here.

I do remember using a converter though that converts dm_82 to dm_84. I used it in my old clan, I may have to go fishing to find it but it might be helpful. If you don't want to update your version, you can use the converter to convert to either dm_82 to dm_84 or vice versa. If you upload any demos, I recommend them being with dm_84 as it ie the more universally used and recognized one. Personal use you can do whye et :P

Pretty neat simple tutorial for those unaware on how to view demos. Another thing I'd like to add is that, you may have to select a mod before being able to see your demo list in replays. So in my case I select the silent mod to review demos I make in Hardcore.

Another thing I'd like to point out is that you posted it in the screenshot section? This is ET related. You should post it there next time

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