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How to save picture from Flickr that are "blocked" on Chrome

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Ever found a breathtaking picture you wanted to save from Flickr, but owner of the photo has disabled dowloading his pictures? Don't worry I'll show you how to pass that in a simply way!


First open Google Chrome and head to Flickr. Find a picture you want to save.


When you have the picture open, there's "Download" button in bottom right corner, click that. It will pop-up a box where it says "View all sizes", click that.





Next you want to choose size of the picture you want to download. After choosing, right click anywhere and then "Inspect" or just press Ctrl+Shift+I.





That will open a box to right side of your screen. In that box, in top left corner is icon with box and pointer in it, "Select an element in the page to inspect it", click it. Or press Ctrl+Shift+C.





After pressing, hover over the image, it will turn blue. Click when your mouse is over the picture. A string of HTML commands should appear as highlighted.





Press "Del" in your keyboard. Then again right click picture, like you would do when normally saving pictures. Voila, save it smile.png




Credit from picture goes to Philipp Häfeli (photos/phiiiliiipp). Don't redistribute pictures you download.

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