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How to Record Demo In INSURGENCY - Insurgency

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1. Start the game from steam.



2. Join any F|A server..






3. When you are in any one of the servers mention above. Press console button ~ . post-3043-0-06363000-1522449698_thumb.png


4. It will show you this ------>


5. Type record <Name of the File u want it to be > ( Ex: Record karizmatictutorial) post-3043-0-52280700-1522449744_thumb.jpg


6. Then once it records then when u want to stop the demo open the console again by pressing ~ and write stopdemo.


7. Then go to \steam\steamapps\common\Insurgency2\Insurgency and u shall see the name of the file u saved ( for mine i saved it with karizmatictutorial) so i shall find karizmatictutorial. Like this --->post-3043-0-35173700-1522449792_thumb.jpg( NOTE: This is my Steam directory- I moved it from "C:\Program Files (x86)" Most of you may find it there...)


8. If your want to play it back on Insurgency server do this --->post-3043-0-96128500-1522449844_thumb.jpg


9.. Thats how u record demo in insurgency and once u record it and want to post on forums . Unzip it and attack it on forums there is option on forums.


Good luck enjoy if u have any question feel free to ask...



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