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Ol Smoke

Went to the shooting range last night

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Just wanted you to know.


It was fun.  We drank beer and shot big ass guns.


I made a target out of AIM-DFU and it was fun shooting him.

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50 cal?

Went to shooting range once, got to try out  common type of guns.

One of them was Desert Eagle .50, that kick back got adrenaline pumping...

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We shot all kinds of stuff.  I took my .06, .308, 7mm mag, .45 SW and my old .44 Colt Navy.


But several guys brought .50 cal stuff and some .450 stuff.


One guy always brings a .50 cal Sharps buffalo range rifle and sharps .44-40 carbine


Off all the guns I shot, the Sharps .50 kicks the worse.  It is the newer of Sharps Range rifles made around 1880.  It is cartridge chambered instead of the old musket loader.

The 44-40 is a sweet rifle.  Shoots the same cartridge as the WInchester 44-40. But it has a longer barrel and a tighter twist in the rifling.  I could hit the center 4" circle at 400 yards

with just the adjustable rear sight.  No scope.


The most accurate was my 700 Remington .308 custom.  5 for 5 dead center at 400 yds.  5 for 5 at 800 yds.  4 for 5 at 1000 yds.  Most of the guys who shot it loved it.

I recently had the computer scope installed on it and it is really like having an aimbot.  The computer does all the math and then relays that to the scope.  If you dont jerk, it will put the

bullet in the same place everytime.  We shot it from ground to 30 feet of elevation.  Uphill and downhill and it just wont miss.  This is the one I bought.  I paid $4200.




Had two old Barrett 50's there, but you could only shoot it once.  The shells are $8.70 each. I gave him $10 just to get to shoot it.  I'll stay with my Rem700.


A guy named Roger had two 1950 colt Peacemakers there in the quick draw model.  That guy could draw and shoot and hit the target so fast, you almost needed a highspeed camera to

see the action.  He hit a 2" target 11 times out of 12 at 30 yards.  With either hand too.  He used to be some national shooting champion in quickdraw contests down in Reno.  Fun guy.

I tried two shots and barely hit the berm behind the target line.  I missed the target by about 3 feet.  But I could get into that real easy.

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I once saw somebody shoot a .50 CAL M2. If it were my wallet that had to caugh that up, I'd still be in a coma.


I hope you had fun. A hobby is supposed to cost money I guess :(

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The Smoke looked at the link you posted for your rifle that is way cool. I also have a Rem 700 308 but not with optics like yours, I just have a  Bushnell 4 x 16 and while that is ok I would love to have a scope that adjusts for range itself, I have missed many targets by missing the range ( time to get a range finder I guess ) thanks for posting the link I never even knew that there was thing.   

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