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Any French here has an insider tip for me?!

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Does anyone here maybe know where I can spontanously find a place to sleep for 4 people in Paris for a few days?
Should be as cheap as possible, so no comfort standards needed. Just a place to spend the nights. ;)

I spontanously got the possibility to probably get 4 tickets for the Uefa Euro 2016 game Northern Ireland - Germany on the next Tuesday and now a few friends and me are planning a last minute trip...
We're all students, so there is no money for any big hotel suits, camping would be fine as well... but everything seems to be already full or too expensive (no surprise though... the city must be full of football fans right now... and a few rioting idiots).

Whatever, now I thought, maybe someone in our great international community knows?! :P

Would be awesome if anyone has an insider tip for me! ;)

Thanks in advance and greetings :)


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You will go by car ?

If yes, try BB hotel.It's 72 euros for 4 persons in the same room and only 20 kilometers from "Stade de France".

I send you a pm with a link to the site.

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