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Battlefield 1 Multiplayer Map Names Leaked

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Players are excited for Battlefield 1, which makes sense- it looks like one of the most exciting game in the series for years, and the World War 1 setting is truly going to be new and unique. But you know, with that kind of excitement comes the territory of fake ‘leaks,’ from fans probably hoping for their fifteen minutes of fame.
This new leak seems to be a lot like that- according to Reddit poster KoolTabbouli, a contact of his at EA, but not DICE, has leaked the names of the multiplayer maps for the vanilla version of Battlefield1– you may find these, along with his comments, below:
Asiago Offensive (Italian Alps Map)
Gaza Sands (Desert Map)
Siege of Damascus (I’d assume desert-urban…?)
Stalemate (Sounds like a Flanders fields kinda deal)
ANZAC Cove (Sounds like Gallipoli, I’d assume that ‘D-day map’ LevelCap mentioned and the one with the Battleship ruining the coastline)
Garden Twilight (No idea)
Argonne Shade (Probably the forrest map we saw in the trailer)
Operation Castlewick (No idea either, maybe references something in campaign?)
Scorched Earth (Sounds Western or Eastern Front…?)
Of course, why an EA person would know the names of maps for a DICE game that is currently months away from release, I don’t know. KoolTabbouli also covers his bases by claiming that his own source admits that the names of the maps in the final game may change, but that as of right now, they are accurate.
Maybe they just are- but I would take it all with heaps of salt.


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