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Ol Smoke

How far to your car...?

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You are at a sorta nice bar and you start talking to an average or better lady.  Three or four drinks later she and you agree to

a more quiet place to go.  Her house.  So you follow her to her house and you park on the street.  Once you get inside, you notice

that it is a nice place and clean.  So you are thinking this might be kinda nice tonight.  After you have a nightcap together, it is off

to the bedroom.  You are sitting on the side of the bed, removing your shoes, when you turn to see she has taken off her dress

and she is wearing two spanks suits and a pushup bra with inserts.  She asks you to excuse her while she uses the bathroom to

freshen up.  The door to the restroom is sightly open and she removes her wig while in front of the mirror.  Instead of the red hair

she did have, she has slightly grey and mousy brown.  Then she starts to remove her make-up and as she does, you notice she

is getting older and uglier by the minute.


You start putting your shoes on and then it hits you......


how many steps did I take from the car to here???


You got 12 seconds.

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2 possible answers came to my mind between the 12 secs.

1) you never mentioned a car before the question
2) 0 since it hits you

is any of them right?

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