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Map list script (config) for jay #1 server - Enemy Territory

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v54 my fellow ET players!


I was pretty unhappy with the existing scripts, so I was thinking: how to make a script without the need to spam the chat with the entire map rotation? Also, it should provide full map names and additional useful info for admins particularly, but also for regulars. After a few attempts, here is the result!


Open your favorite text editor (notepad, notepad++, atom...) and copy paste following text:

// script made by boki - visit fearless-assassins.com for full tutorial


bind . "vstr eSelMap"

set eSelMap "vstr map01"

set map01 "echo ^1sw_oasis_b3 supplydepot2[0-64] et_mor2_night_final[16-64];unbind /;bind / say Next: ^fsw_oasis_b3^9[^z0-64^9]^3(20) ^dsupplydepot2^9[^z0-64^9]^3(15) ^bet_mor2_night_final^9[^z16-64^9]^3(30);set eSelMap vstr map04"

set map04 "echo goldrush-gals[0-64] caen2[0-36] mlb_temple[26-44];unbind /;bind / say Next: ^fgoldrush-gals ^9[^z0-64^9] ^dcaen2 ^9[^z0-36^9]^3(20) ^bmlb_temple ^9[^z26-44^9]^3(25);set eSelMap vstr map08"

set map08 "echo bba0-beta2[24-64] venice_ne4[16-64] etdo6[18-64];unbind /;bind / say Next: ^fbba0-beta2 ^9[^z24-64^9]^3(20) ^dvenice_ne4 ^9[^z16-64^9]^3(30) ^betdo6 ^9[^z18-64^9]^3(15-20);set eSelMap vstr map12"

set map12 "echo sp_delivery_te[0-38] pirates[0-40] haunted_mansion[12-45];unbind /;bind / say Next: ^fsp_delivery_te ^9[^z0-38^9] ^dpirates ^9[^z0-40^9]^3(15) ^bhaunted_mansion ^9[^z12-45^9]^3(30);set eSelMap vstr map15"

set map15 "echo frostbite[0-44] capuzzo[20-52] et_beach[0-45];unbind /;bind / say Next: ^ffrostbite ^9[^z0-44^9]^3(15) ^dcappuzzo ^9[^z20-52^9]^3(15-30) ^bet_beach ^9[^z0-45^9]^3(19);set eSelMap vstr map16"

set map16 "echo parisbastille_b3[6-32] warbell[20-50] bremen_final[20-50];unbind /;bind / say Next: ^fparisbastille_b3^9[^z6-32^9]^3(30) ^dwarbell^9[^z20-50^9]^3(18) ^bbremen_final[20-50]^3(15);set eSelMap vstr map20"

set map20 "echo adlernest[0-40] etdo1[18-64] baserace[20-26];unbind /;bind / say Next: ^fadlernest^9[^z0-40^9]^3(15) ^detdo1^9[^z18-64^9]^3(15) ^bbaserace^9[^z20-26^9];set eSelMap vstr map24"

set map24 "echo braundorf_final[0-34] fueldump[24-44];unbind /;bind / say Next: ^fbraundorf_final^9[^z0-34^9]^3(20) ^dfueldump^9[^z24-44^9]^3(30);set eSelMap vstr map27"

set map27 "echo mml_minastirith_fp3[30-64] teuthonia_final[14-44] beerrun_b7a[12-30];unbind /;bind / say Next: ^fmml_minastirith_fp3^9[^z30-64^9]^3(25) ^dteuthonia_final^9[^z14-44^9]^3(30) ^bbeerrun_b7a^9[^z12-30^9];set eSelMap vstr map30"

set map30 "echo am_hydro_dam[24-52] flame-guards[18-38] sp_delivery_te[0-36];unbind /;bind / say Next: ^fam_hydro_dam^9[^z24-52^9]^3(20) ^dflame-guards^9[^z18-38^9]^3(20-55) ^bsp_delivery_te^9[^z0-36^9]^3(15);set eSelMap vstr map33"

set map33 "echo tc_base[0-32] italyfp2[0-32];unbind /;bind / say Next: ^7tc_base ^9[^z0-32^9] ^fitalyfp2 ^9[^z10-40^9]^3(30);set eSelMap vstr map35"

set map35 "echo xposed_ndt[12-34] resurrection[24-50];unbind /;bind / say Next: ^7xposed_ndt ^9[^z12-34^9]^3(20), ^fresurrection ^9[^z24-50^9]^3(20);set eSelMap vstr map01"

echo ^7[ ^5MAP LIST ^2loaded ^7]

You should adjust your keys accordingly, if you don't wish to retain my settings. Quickest way to do this is using search and replace function (usually CTRL+H), checking "only whole word" option. Now save the file content into your etmain folder as map-list.cfg (you can choose different name, but .cfg extension is obligatory). Also, if you want to have this script active at all times, put in your autoexec.cfg the following line (anywhere, must be new line):

exec map-list.cfg

If you don't change anything, the script will work as follows:

  • By pressing the . (dot) key, you will see map rotation list on jay1 server in the echo section of your screen (3 maps at a time)
  • The first 3 maps in rotation are colored red, so you don't have to remember which map is first in rotation
  • Press . (dot) key as long as until you see your current map
  • If your current map is the 3rd one, press . (dot) key one more time
  • Then press / (slash) key (should be right next to . (dot) key on English keyboard layout), and in public chat will appear text with 3 next maps that will follow
Numbers in [ ] indicate min-max players needed/able to join in order for map to start.

Numbers in ( ) indicate min-max time map can be played (on some maps time can be prolonged by achieving specific objective).


Pay attention how much players are currently online. So, post your message in public chat respecting the number of players currently online. I.e., if your current map is mml_minastirith_fp and you have 48 players online, the next two maps will not load, so there is no point of posting them. Press . (dot) key again to see next 3 maps. If any of these qualify, you can post it in public chat then.


Also, don't spam, posting once every 5 min. is completely fine.


I did not collect duration for all the maps, but I will update this script as soon as I have the information, so be sure to press that button Follow above.


*** Changes history:


2016-08-23 - castle attack removed from rotation, new color codes for map names to improve readability

Edited by Fearless Staff

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