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It's enough money for not doing anything and eat for 6 months+. I feel bad because at that time, I didn't buy something which I wanted to and give him that money. Well it hurts little because I didn't expected something like this from him. He did mention that he would pay interest on it and I was like what interest? We are like friends, I never ever earn money from friends. 



Yup I agree. Now whenever someone ask for help, I would think 100x times and end result will be, not giving any f*** 99% of time. 



Nop. There is no way he was my relative or cousin. If he would be, I would had ask my friends to bit the shit out of him for my peace. I always believe in Friends and Family and that's why i have always said levels are shit and don't go for it. He told me some nice lines and I ended up giving money to him. Got conned on his brother and dad emergency story. I did allowed him to stay at my place when he was visiting his girlfriend. That's when we meet first time. 


The only reason, I posted this is because I don't want someone else to get scammed like me. I hope his dad recovers if whatever he told me was true but yoyo can burn in hell for eternity. 


Assuming that you work 8 hours a day, what you did was lending him 60 days of your life, without wanting to make business with it. You did many acts of greatness along your relation with him, you have earned my respect with them.

He might have made your life 2 months shorter, however you can still have a plenty life of 80 years instead of 80 years and 2 months. but if you lose your Idea of trust ("Now whenever someone ask for help, I would think 100x times and end result will be, not giving any f*** 99% of time.") then, he took your whole life aswell.


Yeah well sorry that you had to find that in such way. But it's like that, the more you give yourself more they will take. It's a cruel world and the sadest part is that today in 99% you can trust more some stranger than your own love one's. And when you change your attitude than it will be "look at him has no feelings blablabla" well yeah I don't guess why couse you fckers made me this way!!

if you externalise the responsibility of your current state ("you made me this way"), in paralel, you are externalising the power to change it.


One sure way to lose a friend is to lend him/her money :unsure:




Which lends to friends loses twice.....




Dilettante speculation. This entire thread could be considered libel. 


Lesson: do not loan money.

Guys, the problem is not the money, giving a loan, or gifting it regardless if it is for a stranger, a friend or a family member. The lesson is never offer something that you are not willing to lose, because the only thing that certainly does not exist is certainty.

if you do not trust somebody then he is not your friend, just a sympathiser,


DD, personally I have few friends, I can count them with 1 hand, but I have never betrayed nor been betrayed. They are good men and women, but time and circumstances separated us. This summer I was invited to stay with one of them for a few weeks, I had not seen him for some years, however it was like if time never passed (excepting for his head and wife, they became bald and fat hehehe) we shared home, drinks, food, experiences and plans, I was going through a prolonged deep and wide bad time, he really lifted me up, he did in a matter of days what I couldn't do in months. I hope for your own well being that you don't  deprive yourself from trusting on people, being generous or simply being good lest being screwed.  ^_^

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While I agree with most of what has been posted here, it makes me sad. I know how it feels to be betrayed, especially by someone you're close to, and I know you guys knew Tipsy better than me but somehow, I'm not surprised. In all the years I dealt with him, it was on the server and what I saw was a bully who thought and acted like he was better than everyone else.


This story really breaks my heart. I've never spoken to DD but I see a guy who for the last 7 years has put a ton of effort, time and money into this Clan and all it involves, and to see a guy like that get stabbed in the back is terrible.


I hope in the end it all works out

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