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krAzy :)

body language

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im in my last year of school now and i got my final exam.

at this exam i have to make a presentation about a topic

i chose: body language

who is interested in this kind of things just read it and if u want u can tell me ur opinion =)

i originally wrote it in german


with google translator i changed it into english, so some parts may sound wierd


Body language


Content structure

1st Motivation


2nd Introduction to the topic


3rd Obama & Hitler



For many years, I am interested in psychology, and of what others think and why they act in a certain way. I find it very interesting to observe how different some people react to similar situations. It always fascinates me how different the body language of people and how to use them, if we consider exactly that. Body language plays an important role in all areas: it starts at school where a good body language is important to present himself and his knowledge well. But in other areas of body language is a much discussed topic: poker games, for example, it is very important to consciously control his body language to confuse the other players. When we talked in school about the great speakers and their power over me, the very interested. They use their body language and rhetorical devices in order to attract huge crowds for themselves, whether in positive or negative.

Hitler for example has managed to draw with his rhetorical skills and his body language thousands in its spell. This shows that body language can also lead to negative results, because many people are convinced of things that are often nonsensical and bad. The latest example of politicians trying to convince with their body language is Barack Obama. He gives many people new hope and exudes confidence. That is what the people in it so fascinating. One thing is certain: if you manage to control his body language well, you can convince others of themselves.



The body language is our original language: the most basic human language. Those who do not, for example, the local foreign language mastered, can easily communicate through the body.

Our body can send messages about the setting, the mood and the general condition. With words we can deceive and lie, our body tells us but true thoughts and feelings. No other language is as honest as those of our body.

The body signals can not be translated 1:1, for every body speaks a different language. This is mainly because each of us uses his body more or less intense as language mediators. What message is sent depends on how we use our bodies.

Body language is especially important at the first meeting, as will be communicated according to statistics 93% of them. 55% of our attention is focused on the attitudes, gestures and facial expressions to our correspondent, another 38% on volume or tune the voice. The content of the listener interested only up to 7%.

Just as the emotions reflected in our physical behavior, it is conversely possible to take the help of body language affects your mood. In a psychological experiment were shown two experimental groups cartoons. One group had a pencil between his teeth while holding so that the lips could not touch the pen. This group found the cartoons funnier because her mouth when laughing showed up as. This automatically improved the mood of the subjects of this group.

Cicero said: "quasi sermo corporis '(= The talk is, as the language of our body), where he stresses that a good speaker, not only with words but also with the whole body talk'. , For every movement of the mind has a natural expression of their characteristic expression, tone of voice and gesture. 'The tone of voice you should consider the volume, articulation, tempo and the pause was set.



Politicians use their body language to support speech and in support of their statements.



On 12 September 1919 he had himself and others first discovered a certain talent in him: He was able to captivate listeners and arouse emotions. Hitler took part in a meeting that day. As one speaker called for the separation of Bavaria by the Reich, Hitler objected to him as vigorously as wordy and struck by his eloquence. Anton Drexler, the founder of the DAP (German Workers' Party), said: "a hot Goschn villages, known to ma braucha" (= The speaker has talent, we might need it!) And tried to recruit him on the same evening. Since then, Hitler stimulant speeches attracted more and more listeners and members.

[ Video] Hitler's first speech as Chancellor in 1933, he spreads his hands out wide and extends his index finger at the same time. The index finger is perceived as a weapon and is therefore an aggressive and dominant gesture. During the speech, Hitler usually an open, direct and weitgerichteten look that reflects self-confidence, openness and friendliness. Hitler proposes always powerfully with his fist against his chest and indicated by his power. In a short part of his speech, he closes his eyes and nods his head from the bottom up, and he increases the volume of his voice. This symbolizes his passion and his enthusiasm. The guide also crossed for a short time his arms. This attitude will radiate peace and sovereignty. Hitler tried in his speeches highlighting his supremacy and superiority, so he clenched while his speech is often the hands and moves it from top to bottom, as if to crush something.

The guide takes a one festgemauerte 'attitude and hardly moves from the spot. This body position is the sign that this man radiates from self-confidence. In short, he rises on his toes, which will in turn be a hallmark of his determination and passion.

On the podium he stands at the beginning of his speeches in the basic position, ie slightly open feet, lowered his arms, shoulders, hanging loosely, her hands are in front of his body, with one hand to the other takes his pulse, his tone is monotonous. Only after several minutes, the 'true' speech: he pushes forward with his head on the neck outstretched to the audience, the hand pops out of the pulse and starts to gesticulate wildly, saying they help him to give direction and emphasis. And when the roaring starts, he has reached his highest moment of speech, the applause was allowed to ring out against him.

Hitler was a free speaker, but he brooked no interruptions, and was in no case discussions, they were to him an expression of hateful intellectuality. He avoided questions about his work as a government and passed instead prefer to think together about the people and nation.

The people of his time were desperate and therefore looked for a leader who was very determined and confident. Adolf Hitler took advantage of that fact and put his body language on it.

The opera singer Paul Devrient accompanied Hitler half a year on his propaganda trips in 1932 and taught him the techniques of voice leading, intonation and gestures. Hitler was by nature a genius of rhetoric, but he needed professional help, but what the public, but also Hitler's entourage, was to learn anything.

His vocal power he increased during a speech to the roar and the overturning of his voice. This shows Hitler his determination and his dominance. Sometimes he cries so much that his saliva fall down on the lectern.

But this was only his plays' voice.

[ Audio] in 1942 drew a Finnish radio technician secretly on tape by Hitler had a conversation with the Finnish General Mannerheim.



Obama's most common expression is the so-called "Mundoffen-face" with which it is one relaxes-serious, slightly open mouth. By the slightly tilted head, he shows his intimate, friendly attitude towards the audience.

[ short video] The famous wide smile of Obama is his typical facial expression. The open smile is never wrong 'or put on, because the real smile moved the muscles, orbicularis oculi' and the 'pars orbitalis', ie we see eye wrinkles and reduce the eyebrows slightly.

Obama's arms are almost always in the ideal body between shoulders and hips. This move his arms away from your body a little more and your palms facing up. These gestures indicate openness and sharing with us that he wants to give us something.

Barack Obama also has a serious expression he looks with the highly concentrated and focused. Sometimes he presses his lips together, which is indicative of his determination.

Obama uses teleprompters into his speeches, just like other politicians, too. These are used to give the viewer the impression of free speech. The text on these devices can only be seen from the angle from the pulpit. In lectures and speeches two slightly tinted glass panes to the left and right of the speaker mounted on stands, the corresponding projectors are on the floor. In this way, the speaker on a talk by a constant turning of the head, the entire audience, the Second is in the middle of an unobstructed view for the press cameras.

[ short video] These devices can sometimes have technical problems, which the speaker does not know what to say and stutters.

Obama does not write his speech himself, but carries the speech and only tried his body language or even his tone of voice to use specifically to enhance the effect of his statement. The 29-year-old Jon Favreau is the official speechwriter of U.S. President Barack Obama. He studied political science and sociology at Holy Cross College in Worcester (Massachusetts). Since 2005 he has been in the team of Barack Obama since 2007 and worked his chief clerk. He is considered the inventor of Barack Obama's slogan "Yes we can".

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Guest R..pace!

Google translate definitely messed up the translationwink.gif but the key points of your arguments are still discernable. I like your use of statistics and a relatively contemporary public figure to support your ideas. Nonetheless, I think that body language, just like verbal language, is a mere product of one's true self; this true self is what makes different people react to similar situations in a different manner. Therefore, a presentation on the self, or the true meaning of the self, would have been nice toolaugh.gif Overall, I think you did a nice job and would have given you an A+, if I was your teacher and could understand germancool.gif

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Hey Krazy could you send me your presentation in German? I would be highly pleased since I'm interested in such sort of things. I think I got your main points but it would be great to read it again in German so that I understand all of this correctly.

I think you've done a good job on this. The logical structure in the text helps the reader to get all main points of your presentation and makes it easy to understand.

I would think about improvements of your text if you sent me the original.

Thanks in advance

Interesting topic and nice text. rock%20on%20baby.gif

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:thanks ! ! !!! ! ! !


Hey Krazy could you send me your presentation in German?


sure...pm me ur e-mail and ill send u the document =)

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