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Connection Interrupted trouble


Hi all,


So I'm having troubles with my ET. My ping is 60-70 (In FA Beginners 1) but I'm still getting Connection Interrupted all the time which won't let me play it like I would like to.

My internet connection is 20mb/s and I'm located in Estonia (if that matters anything...).

I know Yks is having the same trouble and he has exactly the same internet connection as I do.


Cl_maxpackets 100

Rate 34000

r_primitives 2

Snaps 20


Anyone know what may be the problem?

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Enabling UPnP helped alot and haven't had problems anymore, I told yks to do the same thing today and it went better for him aswell, so thank you all for your help :)

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Information regarding your system, internet connection etc may be helpful in providing additional insights. If you're using wireless, for example, the problem as well as the solution are at hand.


/e Perhaps there are tools with which you can monitor your computer's packets? If there is no packet loss during ET connection interruption, you know that the problem lies not with your computer and/or connection but with the client.

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