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Ol Smoke

My new Dell computer died

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I cannot believe the luck I have sometimes.  For the first time since 1989, I bought a store computer.  A Dell XPS 8900 from Costco.

The damn thing just died this morning.  I was loading a program on it and it just stopped.  No green screen nothing.

I had to actually unplug the AC cord to get it to reboot.  It come up to some screen saying Windows was screwed up and it had to fix it.

Nothing worked, so I called Dell.  We worked on it for about 30 minutes and the guy said the HDD died or the controller on the MB died.

It kept saying it could not find the hard drive.

So I took it back and exchanged it for another one just like it.  I get home, start in to getting this one going, and I get to the point to where

I am going to start bringing over my old stuff from the other PC.

So I trade computers and start the old one up, and it wont boot and now I have all my stuff on a HDD that cant be read.  This HDD was in

the other new one when it died.  So it corrupted my old drive too.


I do have an older backup, but the pictures and documents I did during the holidays I don't know if I can retrieve them.


So, I have this new Dell PC up and going and it is completely different than Dell #1.  This thing is unbelievably slow for an i7-6700  3.4 GHz.


So I am just going to play with it for a couple of days and see if it perks up.  If it doesn't , then it goes back to Costco and I am going to FRY's and

get me some parts to build a new one.


I just cant win. 

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Thats why i never buy stock PC's cus they re overpriced and mostly crap for the money u pay. Always go with the custum PC build, it doesnt take a genious to set up a pc, i payed for my parts 1.3k € and im satisfied with it considering i bought everything i wanted and u are from US which makes PC parts like twice cheaper compared to Europe lol. Do your reasearch for couple of weeks on all the parts, the order from amazon or newegg where the stuffs are cheap as heck, build it up and voila, u saved urself tons of troubles with crappy stock pc and definitely saved up a nice chuck of cash.

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+1, build your own PC based on your needs.


or get something that really rocks like a Surface Book :)

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i5 + decent GPU like GTX960\970 or AMD r9 390\380x\290\280x.

i7 is OP for everyday tasking\gaming.


I´ve heard on local forums Win10 to mess up non OS HDD-s also .

You could try to access old HDD with LIVECD linux(Ubuntu) booted up from CD\DVD\USB stick, linux versions tend to crunch through corrupted data when win doesn´t- even though NTFS is win native file system...


Thats exactly why its good idea to backup data on external HDD also, USB HDD-s tend to be even cheaper these days than SATA HDD which goes to the PC.

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The 2nd Dell died also.  Had a bad southbridge on the MB.  Took it back.

Went to Fry's and got the following parts:


ASUS Z97-A motherboard

Intel i5  3.4 CPU

Corsair 2x8 2400MHz RAM

PNY GeForce 750Ti Graphics card

WD 1 TB harddrive

Dummies for WIndows 10

2- 64GB flash drives 3.0

Windows 10 Home 64


Just testing it right now.  Will install COD4 and see how that goes.

It's all in my old case with a 750W Cooler master PS and a new ASUS DVD RW

Going to do a 12 hour burn in tonight.

It is running stable and seems pretty fast for what I need.

Wish me luck.  See you on the streets of Chinatown.  I will be the one shooting you !!!!

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I just played a little of COD4 and it works great.

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