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von Rantala stripped me of Admin: Here's why

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Most of all I think its pretty funny.

"They begged me to be an admin" No. No one here begs for players to be an admin. But you said "they begged me because of my fair judgement". You clearly don't have a fair judgement if you think it's "fair" to automatically kick someone you think is cheating without proof. Have you read the rules? You shouldn't have lied and said you did on your apply, because if you did then you wouldn't be kicking supposed "hackers" without proof.

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Hello PigNewton,


I read your previous post and the feedback you got from the FA team here. I will reply without any sarcasm, without insulting anyone and with my own honest opinion:


I understand what you wrote and some of the replies are sadly going into an insulting direction which causes an inappropriate tone. Your opinion about how things should be handled is pretty extreme. To punish people and add more fear in order to keep them aligned. I want people to be happy. I want them to enjoy life and the game. To have them live in fear goes into an opposite direction. People would be afraid most of the time and they would be unhappy.

The users of our game servers are from around the world. There are language barriers and different cultures behind these players. Yes, this makes our admin job sometimes challenging and the anonymous 'layer' of the internet brings sometimes out unpleasant colors in people, but I'm happy to administer our servers and to help the community to stay active and fun. Yes, admins should be happy too. I don't want to punish people and have them live in fear. Live is to short, enjoy it the most you can.


On a side note:

Some comments are related to shrinks and members use the word crazy. If i could choose, I would like you to be happy to, but sadly it doesn't sound you are. Your point of view goes into a extreme direction. I work in I.T., so I'm in no way a doctor or anything, however I know depression and how it can influence our minds. You should be happy, you should have friends and you should enjoy life. It is a big step to reach out for help. We are not on this planet to live unhappy. I wish for you to be happier.

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