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Not connecting to Silent 1


Hello There.  I Haven't been able to connect to Silent#1 in days and don't understand why?  I usually play on that server, or Jaymod.  I started playing on Hardcore, No Quarter 1, then went to connect back to Silent the other night and it won't load past the 'awaiting connection' screen?  Is there a problem I am not aware of or is this just some isolated discrepancy?  I reset my IP even and nothing... I'm wondering whats up and when I can get back on Silent obviously.

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Hey Guys,

We have some bad news for everyone. We have a major problem with our dedicated server company and that is visible from the fact that many of our gaming servers are down. This is due to a major problem with the server hard drive. We are currently trying to figure out the other issues. We are hoping that our backups are safe and we should be able to recover as much as possible. However, this is going to take time and we can expect a longish downtime. We are estimating that the servers should be up by Thursday.

Following is the list of servers that are down:

1) Jay2

2) Silent

3) NQ3

4) All COD4 servers

5) TF2

6) TeamSpeak

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we care experiencing server problems atm should be back up by Thursday 

in the mean time check out our hardcore server or jay 1 or 3  or nq1

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