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Desu Hacks.... haha!

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The elder has spoken.

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I dont know about that.

since i already said If the teams are like 16-17 i join the one with 16.

i dont ever use admin to stack or anything.

plus if it happened that i did stack, its prob that i just join team that i like on particular map.


Minas- Axis


G-Rush- Allies

Mara- Doesnt matter

Ven- Axis


those are like maps that i really play

and i just join the teams if teams are even in number.

As i said i just join in the limbo menu when i get in server.


I want to join F|A and i really try to play fair, not whine..

but if it happens that i do stack either by mistake or something

pm me and i will move gladly.


Or if you truly believe i stack on purpose, give me a repricussion like u said.

I do apologize if it looked that way, but i honestly dont do it on purpose.

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