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So How's Everyone Doing?

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Hey everyone!

I'm still new here and trying to figure out how to do stuff...

I'd really appreciate some nooby advice like how to set a signature and stuff

AAANNND another thing I'd like to ask is how to find the guid on cod4... I tried the stuff it said in the tutorial but it just doesn't work for me....

That's all I guess

Thanks! Have a great day!  :D 

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Hello and Welcome to our forum, im noob with all what you asked, signature things and COD, but i can help you with site and ET. You cand find sport area here http://fearless-assassins.com/forum/52-sports/we have big NHL topic there, there is F1 topic and couple soccer topics too, we have own music section here http://fearless-assassins.com/forum/125-music/ and movie sections too. Enjoy :)

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