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Another way to see Easter

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I didn't know about Easter, but it's a fact that many religious holidays (I am talking obviously about Christian religion here) are more or less in the same day as festivals celebrated during the roman empire.


Some say, for example, that Christmas is the same day as 'dies natalis solis invicti', celebrating the birth of the persian god Mithra.


And the fact that there are often some popular/folkloristic aspects seems to confirm this, for example in Italy Epiphany (6 january) is a religious holiday, but in italian folklore there is, on the same day, this tradition with an old woman riding a broomstick (like a sort of witch) who gives gifts to (good) children, now it's hard to tell which came first... maybe they celebrated already those festivals before, but the church seeing them as pagan decided to change that day into a religious festival, most probably.


Anyway, happy Easter in advance... and eat a lot of chocolate :D



ah, btw, about the resemblance between 'Easter' and 'Ishtar'... I guess back in the old days nobody cared about English and germanic languages ;) ... Latin and Greek were the big thing, and maybe for things related to religion, words coming from the middle east...


For instance the italian 'Pasqua' (Easter) comes, in turn, from Greek and Aramaic, while in English 'Easter' apparently comes from the name of a goddess who has nothing to do with Christianity, and again this confirms the fact that they 'recycled' pagan festivals into Christian ones...

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Constantino + Nicaea =
At the end of the 4th century, this church reflect the political structures of the Roman Empire, which she was subservient ... not the Bible?
This church took the power of the state to establish the "right thinking" among their members.
A powerful organization were created to control religious thought in the kingdom

and all assessed for unorthodox elements were cleaned ..

The unorthodox elements of the first Christians especially ... 

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