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The approach of investments. Men VS Women!

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SigFig released a research report. It's about the differnce in approach of investments, men vs women. They released some charts to show the difference.











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All of the above is true about men. But they left out an important part. Buy and Hold. Most men always think they can beat the market. It's like gambling. Buying and holding ABC while your buddy just told you he made a killing in XYZ seems to drive men insane. It's always good to pause and have a good advisor to remind you of why you invested in ABC in the first place.


Women are not interested in constant trading. Most hate the thought of paying the fees associated with it. They tend to buy quality and sit on it. As you can see above. It works out wll for them.


My 0.02

If you buy a good company that is paying you dividends than keep it. Stay away from penny stocks!!! AND NEVER THINK YOU CAN BEAT THE MARKET. Computer trades have made it very difficult. Especially since the computer can trade 100k shares in under a second.

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