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Deer Hunter ( Rail )

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Hi everyone, well i decided to post some pictures of the real weapons I use to hunt, I hunt Deer / Turkey / Rabbit / and duck.


I have been hunting for 7 years now and has provided my family with many meals.


I recently moved from the concrete jungle to a 40 acre property with lake for fishing and plenty of woods for game hunting.


The draw back to moving to the woods Is there is no real internet out here so I had to root my Galaxy so that I can have constant free hot spot for my computers.


Here are some pics of some of my weapons I hunt with, I will post pics of some of the game I have shot.


I would like to hear from any other hunters out there If there are any.


I am a hell of a good shot, I can hit a bottle cap with my muzzle loader from 150 yards and hit a bottle cap with my crossbow from 70 yards.









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We have a few hunters here. Here are some topics from the past couple years. 2014 was a bust so nothing to show.





Nice blog Doc.....I use to deer hunt in the past.. but this year I got me a tag this season for the Utah hunt.  Utah manages their big game better then any other western state. We hunt Mule deer here. We do draws for a unit and location codes...I got the Panguitch Lake unit this year which I can go on some pirate lands too.  It's East of Cedar City. Cannot wait. Just google youtube  "Panguitch Lake unit"


Doc wow nice sig you have under your post...I like the medic emblem 



Rail>>>>  What rifle is that? 

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 Some of the toys, some had to be sold when moving back to NJ (tougher gun laws than NC)-






 I don't hunt at all, but every male in my family does. I stick with fishing and target practice. I spend a few weeks each year primitive camping, too, but it's definitely not the same as what you do year round.

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