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Ol Smoke

Je Suis OMG ! The gathering and march in France...

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It would be nice if we had a president who cared about his country and others as much as his golf game.  What a putz.


What a joke having him in office.  What the hell was Byden doing that was so important?  Shining Obama's shoes?




Doesn't anyone remember that France helped beat the British in 1776 for us?

That they came to our aid in WWII and us to theirs?


I am ashamed of this government, and I apologize to our French =F|A=  members for their stupidity. Americans as a rule, will stand with our friends.

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Yeah, that's a big shame that Obama wasn't there but it is even worse to invite someone who openly rejected the existence of the Holocaust and who doesn't hide his sympathies towards terrorism.

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