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New Years resolutions!

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I don't have one, considering 90% of the people who commit to Resolutions never go through with them.


However, I am a very pessimistic person. I am trying my best everyday to make both my mind and body preoccupied while healing over a heartache. Managing my anxiety/stress level/paranoia is a tough challenge, but I'm embracing my time that I have to myself so I can plan on being happier in the future.


Not a resolution, just a daily goal. ;)

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Mine is not necessarily a resolution but more of goal, which is to get to the state championship for javelin throwing. I made it to the state qualifiers but didn't make it past that so hopefully this year will be better.  

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I'm more goal oriented as well. But over the next year and beyond.. I'll try to continue to improve my physical and mental abilities. Continued exercise, cooking with better ingredients, and getting ever closer to my ultimate goal of being a great composer.

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