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So I was surfin the......

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very nice lol


I admit I was sucked into the patriotism back in 2001-2 but it changed to shame after Bush invaded Iraq in 2003 to stop Saddam Hussein from using his nuclear arsenal (lol) and I realized the whole thing was a setup so we could grab some oil.


I guess the end (a new Iraq that vaguely resembles a democracy) justifies the means used to achieve it, but you can't make us proud of the way it was accomplished.


The irony is that the oil prices quadrupled after the invasion because Iraq was supplying half the planet with cheap black market oil, and with this source removed, OPEC could raise their prices. So the real winner was the Saudis, who got their enemies to fight and got to quadruple the price of oil.


I think we are maintaining Afghanistan in a state of warfare (not hard to do lol) so they will keep making heroin and flooding Iran with it. Just one theory. Iran is swamped with heroin because of this war, which makes them dysfunctional, and therefore less of a threat. Or so the idea goes.


I've never been over there so I don't really know, but I read a lot about it.

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