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Some Notebooks Have No Key To Open ET Console


Some laptops have no tilde key(`), Which is the default key for opening the console in Enemy Territory.

You can change the key that is used by the game.  Go to where ET is installed:

Usually C:\Program files\Wolfenstein - Enemy Territory and open the folder named etmain.

Open folder: Profiles\'You', There's a CFG file there called etconfig.  Open etconfig with Windows Notepad.

If You click on etconfig, Then right-click...Open With...Choose default program...Browse: C:\Windows Notepad.exe. Open OK.

Press the Edit(TAB) in Notepad, Menu drops down...Press Find.  Box opens...Find What: Write: toggleconsole.

Press Find Next...toggleconsole will be highlighted Blue. Change the key to 'm'(example) >
bind m "toggleconsole".

Press X at top right of Notepad to close: Do You want to save changes...Yes.

This needs to be done in the mod folders\Profiles as well...Now You can open ET console ingame.




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and once you open it, to close?


I guess you have to type /toggleconsole :D



does notepad support Linux style line ending?

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