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Ol Smoke

25 years ago...today

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I was an MRI Tech at a hospital.  I played in a band on weekends.  I fished in bass tournaments.  I was pretty happy with life.


But in San Francisco there was this horrible earthquake.


It happened during game 3 of the World Series between SF Giants and Oakland A's.


Game Three !!!


We haven't even finished the NLCS or ALCS playoffs yet.


But 25 years ago, it was game 3 of the World Series.  The "Bash Brothers" were playing and baseball was really good.


It turned out that both of the bash brothers were doing dope.  Not to get high, but to get big.  They set all kinds of records,

but only because they were doping.  Sad.  Jose Canseco "86", Mark McGwire "87"


Yeah, 25 years is a long time.  Most of you aren't even 25 years old.


The 286 AT computer had just been developed.  A whopping 10 MHz PC with a 20 MB harddrive and a 3 1/2" floppy drive. It cost $1988.


In just 2 months I would suffer a devastating back injury that will put me in a bed for 3 months.


If you were alive then,  what were you doing?





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  Oddly enough not a lot has changed for me since then, well other than getting older and much better looking :P


  I was playing a lot of music, finishing school, and had a part time job at a service station, not the kind you see now, but the last of a legacy so to speak.  When a car pulled in at the pumps, I came out checked the oil, cleaned the windshield, checked the air pressure in the tires, and pumped the gas. It was the only one left in our area that still did these things from an era gone by.


  I was also only a couple of years from having my first child, which would change my life hehe

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I was about 5 about to start kindergarden the next year. It was around the first time I saw a nintendo NES. Was a very nice upgrade from my parents Atari playing breakout, centipede. and tennis with the pool ball controller. :D



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I used to run sleeper team with my brother for Allied Van Lines (didn't know doc used to drive tractor/trailer, did ya) and was making a delivery in SF. Family we were moving ran out to the truck yelling "did you feel that earthquake?". 45 foot trailer with airbags...... didn't feel a thing.

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25 years ago, I was in the army. Based in Germany enjoying life to the full.


If I remember right, we had just returned from a field training exercise in Canada which was great fun. I loved those years, no cares as such just worked hard and played harder. We had regular tours to Northern Ireland and elsewhere which as a youngster were always a bit daunting to start with.


No such thing as a computer for me until many years after. We relied on that age old invention of paper and pen, in a thingy called the post.

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