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Ol Smoke

A story of "New Coke" and Pepsi....

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In April 1985 Coca-Cola decided to release their new soda "New Coke".


It bombed.


But here is something you may not know. They made 100's of millions of dollars on New Coke.

Here is how they did it.


The most expensive item in soda is sugar. So Coke decided to switch to corn syrup. This would

increase their profits greatly. But, they didn't want to mess with the Coke recipe so they came out

with New Coke. This is one great ploy in the marketing history of this country. Don't ruin your best

product, make a new product and destroy it.


The only thing that Coke was doing was to get your tastebuds used to New Coke and corn syrup. That

way when they took New Coke off the market, you wouldn't notice, so much, that they had now

also changed Coca-Cola to corn syrup. Smooth huh?


A lot of people know this, but few know that the fountain version of Coca-Cola had been changed months

before. This was a huge gamble for them, but it worked. No one ever noticed the change, except for the

true lovers of Coke. But no one paid any attention to them.


So after a few months of people griping about New Coke, they got rid of it. But they really didn't. It just

became the new flavor of old Coke. A lot of people in California went to Mexico to buy the true Coke.

They had it on TV news and everything. But no one ever noticed the ingredients change. It used to say

cane sugar but now it said high fructose corn syrup. Or did it? It seems that the FDA dropped the ball on

changing ingredients in certain products. If the ingredient is closely the same thing, then no changed need

be made to the listing. So Coke, in their wiseness, just put sugar as the ingredient, until the FDA made them

change it a year later. By then, no one cared. No one but Pepsi.


Pepsi knew that Coke was going to do this, since they had been buying millions of barrels of corn syrup prior

to the New Coke thing. So Pepsi did the same thing. But they did it slowly. Over the course of several months

Pepsi altered the amount of Sugar and Corn Syrup that was being used. And using the FDA screw up, didn't

have to report the change. But, by the end of 1986, all Coke and Pepsi products were full corn syrup sweetened.

Except in Mexico. Where sugar is cheaper than corn syrup.

So now that corn syrup is getting more and more expensive these days, Coke and Pepsi are trying to wean us

off of corn syrup and go back to sugar.


None of this makes any difference if you know that soda drinks eat your bone calcium, tooth enamel, and

destroys your pancreas. It also affects your body's ability to cure itself and maintain a healthy immune system.

You don't think so? I remember the kids in grade school and high school when I was growing up. We drank

very little soda, and ate very little candy. There was always just one or two fat kids in the classes. Nowadays,

over 50% of the class is obese, has diabetes or other health problems. When you trace it back....sugar.

Now add video games to the mix. You know what I mean....

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