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Hong Kong people fighting for true Democracy

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Hello everyone, I am a University student from Hong Kong.


Hong Kong people are now fighting for democracy against Chinese government

Followings are the background of what's going on here in HK:


------------WE NEED THE WORLD'S ATTENTION--------- 
Hong Kong Students boycotting class for TRUE DEMOCRACY 

The boycott started on the 23rd of September. University and secondary school students are staying overnight in the streets outside of the government headquarter in response to the call for CIVIL DISOBEDIENCE aiming at gaining universal suffrage on par with international standard. 

"The boycott is in response to a decision last month by China's legislature, the National People’s Congress (NPC), to impose restrictions on the choosing of candidates in elections for the territory's leader that are due to be held in 2017." --- the Economist (http://www.economist.com/blogs/analects/2014/09/hong-kong-students-strike

Police has been dragging defenceless students from the area of protest starting from midnight 27th of September. DEFENSELESS STUDENTS raising both hands in the air, not resisting arrest, are having their eyes SPRAYED WITH PEPPER SPRAY AT POINT BLANK RANGE, and ARE THREATENED BY POLICE WITH BATONS. Many of them were even ARRESTED WITHOUT ANY EVIDENCE AND LEGITIMATE REASONS. They are treated roughly even when they are not resisting. 

The leaders of this movement for liberty are being DETAINED BY POLICE on grounds of entering government property without approval, when in fact the areas of protest are OPEN PUBLIC AREAS, as listed on government official documents, and are ACCESSIBLE TO EVERYONE BY LAW. 

Police officers sworn to protect Hong Kong citizens now acted with NO REGARD TO REALITY, FACTS NOR LAWS of Hong Kong. They VIOLATES everyone in the Civic Square's BASIC HUMAN RIGHTS AND FREEDOM. Their only defense being just doing their jobs. All shall answer for their crimes in courts against the people of Hong Kong.


Before the Transfer of Sovereignty over Hong Kong from the UK to the Communist Party in China, we were PROMISED to have DEMOCRACY and FREEDOM remained in our homeland. However, we are being deprived of democracy and freedom bit by bit, and NOW THE PROMISE IS TOTALLY BROKEN. THE CHIEF EXECUTIVE ELECTED FROM THE SO CALLED 'UNIVERSAL SUFFRAGE' WILL NEVER REPRESENT US. HE WILL JUST BE A PUPPET OF THE MAINLAND CHINA GOVERNMENT. 




I'm not asking for donation or anything, I just want more people to know what is happening in my home.

And if you want to support us, you may leave a signature here, 


This may not make a big difference, but I'm hoping this may let more people know about what's happening here.

and share this information with your friends if you want to support Hong Kong.




This is from a local news, in the first 3 minutes, you can see how the police treat the protesters.

especially at 02:36, a police drag a defenseless student on the floor by unnecessary force


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Right now, the police are using pepper spray, tear gas on protesters who were just raising their hands in the air, showing that they're not aggressive


P.S. many injured protesters retreated to a safe distance, where the first-aid station is located.

but the police decided to throw tear gas to the station... :(

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China and democracy is two words irreconcilable

Take care mate....

I'm with you in your fight but i can't do anything to help....just support you.



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Anything worth having never comes easy..through many voices and much courage change will come...with media as it is it is much harder to hide the truth....will be hoping for the best..take care

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Best of luck friend, and to the brave souls of Hong Kong. Always good to see people standing up for what they believe in.

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I agree with all prior comments- good luck, but there is nothing we can do to help.  What's a petition going to do to China?  I see that it has almost 200,000 names as of now, but communist China would just laugh at it.  Petitions that try to change things internationally can't really do anything.  Also, what's the US going to do?  Obama may get the UN to ask China to not stop the protesting (freedom to petition is a democratic idea in the first place), but again, China would just laugh.  


I do find it funny that the police are using unnecessary force.  To us, it is unnecessary, but to the communist leaders, it is very necessary, and the police are only doing their job.


Please, ignore this comment if you do not agree with it.  I really do admire you and the rest of those who signed the petition and spread the word, but i don't think a petition will do much.

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Good luck to you and the people of china! I hope that you guys get what you're fighting for and you will if that is what the people want!


I wish we could rid ourselves of the corrupt 2 party system here in the states but were just not ready yet for a new revolution. Soon...

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