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30$ deal for new Battlefield Bad Company 2

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For people who likes download games, of course legit way, you can buy a key and then you will receive a mail with your CDKEY... Key Code / Serial! Delivery via email within 12 hours of payment.


Customers, due to many orders, we are back-logged. Any orders made during this notice being visible, we estimate will be delivered between 5 - 7th March. Thank you for noticing this notice!



HOW it works?


First you need to buy the cdkey from here, you have 2 editions: 30$ standard or 38$ for limited edition, suggest you standard one


Battlefield: Bad Company 2 EA Download Manager Key


Battlefield: Bad Company 2 LIMITED EDITION EA Download Manager Key



second You need EA account Create EA account


you just bought an EA Download manager cd key. How must I activate it?


third You must enter it HERE: https://activate.ea....yentitlement.do


after entering your cd key (you must enter the login info or create a free ea account), and clicking log in. then you can simply click 'activate' and it will activate your cd key, binding it to your ea account.

Now, the cd key is binded to your game account.


fourth to download your games you must first install the Ea Download Manager Software:

To install the EA Download Manager, click on one of the links below:


Once installed, launch the EA Download Manager to view and download your games



careful to save backup of your mail with the cdkey


also F|A will not be responsible or game support for those links, if you ever had a problem you must contact them not us, ooohhh forgot don't b i t c h to Daredev!l if you ever lost your key <_<


good luck :hmm

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that cool. I strongly recomend we get a big number of FA players playing BC2. This will increace our clans capacity.



good deal

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