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So the reason my name is Firewienie1 is because earlier around 2012 I made an account here to ask a question. I used it again earlier this year, but I had forgotten the password. I named it Firewienie (my original name). I clicked the "I forgot my password" but the problem was I had no idea what my password for that email was (I haven't used it for a while). Is it okay if someone could delete it? I know Multiple forums accounts is wrong and please forgive me for this mistake, I do not want to leave this community because of a small mistake I had made. I dont use that account anymore, can an admin change the name or delete it so I can have my original name on the profile I am currently using?


Kind Regards :love

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Don't think you will end up banned for your mistake.


You can always use contact us for these kinds of things in the future :)

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We do not delete accounts, but I have merged your old account with your current one and fixed your username. We don't normally do that so don't expect the same to happen next time.


Like Platonic War said above, next time use Contact Us for these kinds of requests as they don't belong in The Lounge.

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