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Josh/Faded :)

Hey guys guess what!!

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[quote name=Josh/Faded :)' date='24 February 2010 - 05:45 PM' timestamp='1267055129' post='64618]

Thanks for the support guys I really appreciate it


Last night was the first night we had the baby home and the baby woke up a few times :P I wrote all the times down because i know a baby kind of goes on a pattern,,


He woke up at

12:33 AM

1:52 AM

3:01 AM

5:14 AM

6:58 AM

8:08 AM

10:00 AM

11:36 Am



so ya, Not much sleep... But I g2g again lol... Cya guys and thank you again....


They will sleep 90 minutes at a time for the first few weeks. It's best to get some relatives to help at night so you can get continuous sleep so you don't go insane. Sleep deprivation is a common torture technique.


This will slowly increase until they can sleep through the night. It may take a few months or even a year.


You should soundproof your house if you can so there is nothing that can wake the baby up. Wear soft slippers so he can't hear your footsteps at night. Babies quickly get conditioned to the sound of your footsteps and will wake up when they hear you walking.


Footsteps = mommy/daddy = food/attention


Obviously music, television, loud games, parties, etc are over too for the next few years. Get some headphones.


Use WD40 on all your interior door hinges (cabinets and refrigerator too) so the doors don't squeak.


If you have a crib, read about it online to see if it has been recalled. A lot of cribs can trap sleeping babies between the frame and the mattress and the babies get caught and suffocate.


Some diapers leak a lot. Try "Luvs Ultraleakguards", unless you don't mind leaking poo everywhere.


If your baby gets gas and screams a lot and can't poop, get the little wax buttplug suppositories and put one or two up there with a Q-tip. It will melt and all the poop will squirt out.


There is a product called "little tummies" that will help with gas too. It has simethicone, which is like an oil that breaks up the gas bubbles in their belly. Babies get gas a lot the first few months and it is very painful for them. They can get a hernia if it is untreated.


My brother-in-law did not treat his newborn daughter's gas and she got a hernia from it, which must have been insanely painful for a baby. The baby has a "button" sticking out where her inflated intestines poked through her abdomen. You can push it in, but it pops back out.


If you can take time off work, do it. You job performance will sharply decline if you are taking care of a newborn. In the USA you can take FMLA leave for up to six weeks. You might want to look into that.

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Lol to whoever said less cod4 :P

I'm et not cod4 I barely ever played cod4 anyways im like level 20 somethin...


And for Phantasm thanks for the advise :D

the only thing im not going to do is all the wd40 and be quiet ect.. Only because i don't want my baby to be an incredible light sleeper where anything wakes him up...

Now, I mean I'm not going to be making a ton of noises purposely right next to him while hes sleeping but im not going to be all quiet with talking or with my tv... Ya I always use headphones on the PC anyways...


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I would have said this before but...better late than never right...?? Congrats man. Hope you are all doing well. Anytime you want to try to make it to level 21 in COD4 you come on in! I have been playing ET lately though so maybe I'll see ya in there sometime too.

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Today my day began at 4:30AM (US central time) when Haley started crying in her crib. Haley is 17 months old. So I get out of bed and pick her up and change her diaper. Luckily she hadn't peed through so she didn't need a bath and I didn't have to change the sheets again.


She has a cold, so she was covered with snot, so I wiped her clean and washed her little hands. Then I gave her a bottle of milk and hold her while I try to get her to go back to sleep. She won't go back to sleep. Instead she projectile vomits all over the kitchen. I leave it for later. I make some coffee one-handed while I hold her with my left arm. I have a house full of people as usual, so I'm trying not to wake everyone up.


I drink my coffee and hold Haley and keep wiping her nose every five minutes. I get Julie to hold Haley while I go to the bathroom (you have to plan everything in advance with a baby). Haley screams her head off while I am in the bathroom for five minutes because she is stranger-shy now. Dawn and Noelle wake up. I come out of the bathroom and Julie is apologizing and upset that Haley screamed at her and woke everyone up. Noelle has to pee now, so I let Dawn take Haley while I take Noelle to the bathroom so she can go peepee on the "big-girl pottie". She wipes piss on my pajamas while I am cleaning her. I wash her hands and get her dressed again. Haley is standing in the bathroom doorway and gets knocked over when we leave the bathroom. Haley starts screaming again.


This is a typical day.

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Yeah I mean I know what to expect, I took care of my nephew from when he was 8 months old till he was about 3, more like 2 1/2.. It was very tough Its hard to imagine I'm doing it all again and I'm still a teen... :(

I mean when I took care of my nephew it was only on weekends but still.. It was still tough since I was only like 13 or so..

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