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Faith in some humanity....

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As many people know I despise children, primarily because they are unruly and immature (as all children should be). But it irks me when children don't understand how easy they have it nor appreciate the value in family, love and respect. So every once in a while I am astonished at the things children do, that should bring grown adults to shame. And yesterday I witnessed two events, both by children, simple yet full of meaning.


Growing up we are taught a paradox, never talk to strangers but yet lend a helping hand to those who need it, strangers or family. As we mature into adults, we are expected to be more critical and able to evaluate a situation faster and more appropriately then a child. So we can unravel this paradox for what it really is. Kids, they haven't developed these critical thinking skills or if they have they are often scared to use them and displease their parents. Therefore kids oftentimes, stray from situations where they can help or be polite. I'm not talking about helping out a person who is having trouble lifting something, but situations that involve honesty and courage.


I work at an aquarium, and it's not a large one. Many times people rush through, snap a few shots here and there, not really enjoying the animals and the marvels that they are. Being in Vegas, this one of the more family friendly attractions, so we do have a large number of families and even larger number of kids. And families always, always, again always want to take photos to be remembered by, and usually one family member is left out. Remember that honesty thing earlier? We are too afraid to trust a total stranger with our possessions. Needless to say, yesterday there was a large family that was taking a photo in front of the African Chilids (sure I spelled that wrong). And it's gorgeous in that corner with the Philodendren draping down the walls and floating on top of the water. Unfortunately for that family to have their photo taken, the father had to step out to take the photo. They snapped some photos and were leaving when a little girl, of approximately 7-8 from a different family asked if they would like a photo of all of them. Oh this family was so excited and said yes. That made me smile and I am sure both families had a lovely vacation and even better experience.


Later on while I was at the Piranha pool, there was a "rich" young couple walking through. And I remember them, because it looked like the woman had used spray tan, and half her boobs that were showing were white and half orange. Yeah I looked at boobs. No they did not excite me. Anyway, back to the story.  When you first enter the aquarium we ask that you keep your ticket stubs, as a souvenir and because there is admission to a sports museum that same day. So while this couple was walking through, she dropped her tickets and didn't even realize it. They essentially rounded the corner and just kept walking. A little boy, from Mexico, about 5 years old, picked up those tickets and ran over to them (no lie, he ran) to give them to her. My other smile for the day.


So if some children have values of honesty, respect and courage there is some hope for our future, and I hope that these children grow up to live happy and successful lives. :)


Thanks for reading. Not the best story teller, but had to share.

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well said and well written.


i would like to think the majority of children today possess those values you mentioned. only time will tell.


and sometimes children can show maturity well beyond their years, while some adults can show a great deal of immaturity. all part of growing up (or not)

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