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Starting those wanted but never did convo starters / ideas

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This Thread is for people who didn't wanna have to start those conversations but had the first idea that would of been great....for reasons like loss of time, forgot and remembered, Didn't know how to begin in a conversation mode but had the idea or just wanted to always say something/ somethings here's the chance. or didnt wanna spam the thread list with topics.

  Write anything thats on your mind in here that you believe might be a good idea. JUST BECAUSE YOU CAN, if it comes to multiple things than write them all. Maybe write a few sentences to describe the idea because one word or one statement doesn't always catch peoples full attention but if you find it catchy stick to the one(1) statement. MAKE SURE TO SPECIFY IF YOU WANTED TO BE SPECIFIC, SHYNESS IS TOLERATED IN NICE MATTERS :). Could be like that advertisement you put up for people to look upon if they ever wanted to just read something to start a conversation/make short talk/find something in common/talk for the sake of talking. All means of communication means are nice to know. So post your hearts out with the ideas you always wanted to just make a discussion with people. This is just to help with people finding the time they wanted to post something interesting...SO yes there will be replys to the convos in here along with people starting new ones. just bracket the name like so or their ALIAS (Nathan/Fr33StylE) <--- my name and alias ......and watch the thread fill :). cause we all don't mind a little convo in the back while at a coffee shop so why not fill this thread with a bunch of remarks that we can all enjoy. 

Hope to see those conversations go :). I'm new so I just wanted people the have the chances to see what others are talking about, I know I don't mind those here and there. Fast or slow, modest or outrageous....Talking is talking.

Yours Truly   +=--||(Fr33StylE)||--=+

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