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Howww =O


*feels stupid*




How do I get rid of the Inc server thing and make it F|A?


It's been like this for months now and I don't know how to change it lol

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That would be a .pk3 file that you downloaded from one of their servers. It should be in your etmain folder and can be deleted, however the .pk3 file could be named anything so finding it may not be that easy. The files you do not want to delete will be:


  • ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~2 (these are the F|A files)
  • pak0
  • pak1
  • pak2
  • mp_bin


These will be files that are essential for running ET. The rest of the .pk3 files will be maps or mods from other servers. The maps are easy to identify as they are generally larger files than mods. Most mods will be less than 25-26 kb and are usually smaller (depending on what is inside of them). From the screen shot you posted I would think that their .pk3 file should be somewhere in the area of 24-27 kb and will be a .pk3 file. I would start your search using that criteria. When you find it simply delete it.

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