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Chuck Norris' Father ..kind of LOL

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See this is why I don't mess with strangers. You never know who's just an old guy, and who's a former Golden Gloves champ and retired steel worker.

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THANK YOU GOD! I hate obnoxious pieces of shit.


Here is the thing.., everyone on that bus thought that black guy was gonna beat the hell out of the older white guy. Everyone reading this, had they been watching it on the news, would have guessed that that was going to happen also. There is a word for what you have just witnessed--that word is KARMA.


this video just made my day. i just wish i could have been there to buy the old white guy a beer afterwards.


This should also be a reminder that you never know who your phucking with. Size and age can be very deceiving...., you very well might get your ass checkmated for screwing with the wrong person.


Someone stole his bag while he was busy draining that P.O.S. of his dignity and blood. That makes me wish he had went on a frenzy and started beating the masses.


I think that video was hilarius for the reasons you mentioned

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