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brawlin broads II

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If you like fighting and also enjoy chicks---then I have the movie for you. You can find Brawlin Broads 1 for sale on amazon. This is the trailer for Brawlin Broads 2. Its sure to be a hit.


Honestly..., if you have the 10 bucks to spend, this movie is very entertaining. Its the Boone brothers and they get these girls to fight. Bare Fisted--No Holds Barred Beat Downs. In between the fights these guys are pounding beers and taking bong hits. I know..., sounds stupid--and it is-- but its VERY entertaining.


Trust me!


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Woot!! Looks like some down home Hillbilly action, although I don't need a video to see all that, just go to one of my buddies homes and watch his wife beat the crap out of him for getting drunk and forgetting to get her a pack of smokes on the way home from work but remembered to buy beer. :P

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