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Huge FPS drops on a new machine


HI everyone! So got a new laptop a while ago and just decided to give et a try again as i've been absent for a few years from the whole et scene. Was playing on FA servers back in the days when was active so figured this would be the best place for some support. I've heard this issue happens to a few people that upgrade their hardware but so far all my tweaks haven't really helped.


PC Specs:


Operating System:Win7 64 bit
CPU:i7 4702mq 2.2 ghz (turbo boost to 3.2ghz)
RAM:8 gigs ddr3
Motherboard: f**k if i know
Hard drive (IDE, PATA, SATA, etc): Device Manager says HGST ATA Device (I'd guess it's SATA)
Graphics card: AMD Radeon HD8750 2GB
Graphics card driver version: 13.251-131206a-166094C-ATI
Wifi: Virgin Media (Up to 35 mb/s if i'm correct, 3.6 MB/s down, ~200 KB/s up)
Your location (country): UK
Router Name (If you use any): NOT the Super Hub haha :) one of the standard Virgin Routers
Which anti virus and firewall you use: Avira, Standard Windows one


It's not an internet issue, even when playing Bugfield 4 (BF4) with all it's countless issues and rubber banding, it's running fairly smooth on my machine, even slightly better than on my mate's ps4. I reset my router every week or so, so its not a router overheating issue either. 


So far I've tried messing around in ATI Control Center (which is absolute crap in comparison to nVidia's one might I add) disabling everything that might disrupt the smoothness of the game, I've tried assigning it to one core only and giving it larger affinity, tried tweaking the cfg file to lower anything and everything. Has anyone had such an issue with a upgraded hardware?

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/r_primitives 2 in console and you should be fine :)

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Try Quovadis suggestion, check power saving options(but as you don´t seem to have this lag in BF4 then I doubt it helps) and give SS of lagometer and WinMTR report. Would help to point for the problem.

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