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Ol Smoke

How to keep your pants from sliding down...

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I began using this stuff about 3 years ago.  Like most men I don't have hips and a waist to hold up my pants. 

So I thought of this one day and it actually works really good.


You know that material stuff that keeps things from sliding around?  Well it comes in white and black.  I use

the black.  Measure around yourself where your waistband usually rides.  Cut that material 4" wide and then 1" longer

than your measurement you got around your waist area.


Now with just your underwear on, turn the waistband down about 2".  Encircle your waist area with that material you cut.

Put it down on top of where your underwear band is now.  Overlap that 1" extra.  Fold your underwear back up, leaving that

material between you and your underwear.  Now fold the material over the waistband of your underwear.  Pull your pants

up and fasten your belt.  Your pants will now stay up a lot better, without having to over tighten your belt.


Some of the bigger guys may need 5" width and leave 3" over the underwear to get enough grip.

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Lol :-) complicated setup u have.. maybe try suspenders..I just keep belt really tight.after awhile it will make a groove in your flesh.its what I do

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lmao a groove in your flesh.I only laugh because I've had this happen many times.I just said f*** it and went to suspenders about 3/4 of the time.

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